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Get 1GB of cloud storage for your files and unlimited questions, answers, comments and private notes. Additional cloud storage is available for a small monthly fee. See Pricing for more details.

Q&As are visible

Readers will see what others asked and what are your answers. You can add your own answers and questions to make your document even more clear.

Information is secure

Specify who can access each document along with related question, answers and comments. The document will be searchable to those users only. Mark the document public if you allow everyone view the document and Q&As.

Q&As are linked

Highlight a portion of the text and ask a question. The question remains linked to the text. Place mouse over the question and the portion of the text gets highlighted.

Private notes

Add a private note similar to adding a questions by highlighting and typing your note. Your Private Notes are searchable only by you.

Manage questions

Archive or delete unwanted or duplicate questions. Archived question won't be visible to readers.
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